Laing Timber Products garden buildings are available in a range of different sizes and we cater for or customers each individual requirements and styles. Weather it may be your looking for a seasonal spot for reading and enjoying summertime barbecues or you want the added option of insulation from which to pursue hobbies and continue to use your space throughout the colder months too, we create our garden buildings to your desires.


Our luxury summerhouses & garden buildings can reflect on your personal style both inside and out. We offer a range of exterior paint from Farrow & Ball colour-matching service.


If you have a build in mine do not hesitate to contact us where we can help get your dream garden building underway. The choices are endless on what you can achieve from your garden building, you can use this extra garden space to entertain and host friends & family, or to create a space of your very own for self-indulgent evenings with your favourite tipple and a good read, that bit is up to you!


Here at Laing Timber Products all our garden buildings are manufactured on our premises at Carlisle by our skilled team of craftsmen, using only traditional methods and materials. By having full control of manufacture, supply and erecting we can ensure that no delays occur, resulting in a minimum time to complete the project.


We believe a garden is a place to seek sanctuary, tranquillity and enjoy yourself within the surrounding nature, whether it be first thing in the morning taking in a simple sunrise and cuppa’, admiring the small wildlife that may enter your garden busying themselves among the lawn and bushes or simply listening to the bees humming through your wildflowers. Your garden should be a place to sit back, enjoy and relax away from the stresses of everyday home life.


That is why we offer traditional high-quality buildings that can be enjoyed all year, whatever the weather may be outside.