New for 2020/2021 - Visitor Pods 

face-to-face now made safe


Here at Laing Timber Products, we understand 2020 has been a very tough, sometimes challenging year for us all, even more so for the NHS & Care industries – Well done all, you’ve done an amazing job!

Laing Timber Products are delighted to showcase our all new ‘Visitors Pods’ manufactured by our own inhouse team. We have produced these pods in response to the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, now following it’s way through 2021!

We believe it is now important than ever, that families can continue to visit their loved ones providing them with the much-needed social contact again in the safest manner which may provide a hug boost to their mental wellbeing. In a period of great uncertainty as to how long national and local restrictions will be in place, access to friends, families and support for our care home residents is essential for their peace of mind. 

‘Visitor Pods’ provide a safe and comfortable environment to enable care homes to once again offer their residents access to time with their loved ones. The Pods compromise a single timber building which is internally divided to provide two self-contained areas, one for residents and staff and the other for visitors, being separated by a stud wall with a glazed panel, fully sealed for protection each with its own access door.


These pods utilise the highest possible easy clean, wipeable walls from an authentic wood grain internal finish and clean wipeable surfaces for durability & performance, whilst allowing for quick turnaround of the space ready to use by other residents and their families.

Each pod is fitted with an intercom system, aiding conversion and ensuring that the pod doesn’t become a barrier.

The unit requires a simple single face power supply and is fully fitted with electric heating and lightening, thereby providing a warm and bright environment, separate air extractors are fitted to each half to ensure no cross contamination of the air.

The pods are easily installed with no major grounds work required, it can easily be sited on top of existing flagged base or carpark area.

The aim of our pods is to bring back a little sense of normality to those who need it most, comfortable, warm and inviting setting.

Our pods really do provide a safe and relaxing environment in which your residents can enjoy the company of their loved ones again with complete peace of mind.


It is a large commitment for some to purchase one of these pods. A pod that is fit for purpose, but you may ask how long will Covid last? One thing we wanted to do was to build our pods with repurpose in mind. The construction of our pods allows you to remove the internal screen to create on room then the doors can be removed to allow double doors or doors & windows to be fitted.

From this point your opportunities are endless on what you can reuse your once over safety pods as. Applying the change to the pod makes it possible to use it for other activities for residents of staff.

Our Pods are available with different entrance/access configurations such as low thresh holds or wheelchair accessible ramps as well as all our buildings are made with our customers in mind if you require different sizing or layout please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our pods are not only designed for Care Homes, how about portable office. This would allow companies to interview staff, hold meetings or training days in a safe manor. How about a safe collection pod for sales of vehicles – the opportunities are endless.

The great thing about manufacturing these pods in house, is that Laing Timber oversees the build process resulting in our buildings being totally bespoke to your requirements & environment. Laing Timber listen to your project ideas then, we can tell you how to improve your design for you to receive the best use from your building. If you require different sizes or more than one building, please get in touch we would love to hear your ideas and help you achieve.


Check out our brochure contact us today for more information, and to discuss how we may be able to help you out. 




Visitors Pods
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